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The London School of Journalism offers postgraduate courses in journalism, which provide excellent pre-entry knowledge and experience. By taking a postgraduate journalism course with us you will receive the best possible London-based training. The LSJ has been training journalists since 1920 - we have all the experience and knowledge you will need.

Postgraduate Diploma courses offer one of the best routes into modern journalism. Journalism is changing rapidly, and we make certain that our students fully understand what is required for today - and for tomorrow - so that each individual can maximise the chance of achieving their personal goal.

These courses are well known throughout the UK, and the rest of the world, for producing journalists of the highest calibre - on average around half our students come to us because of specific recommendations from newspapers, broadcasters and individuals active within the profession. You can see what Tony Maddox, Managing Director CNN International, and others, have to say about our students.

  Not all our students wish to be journalists, however. This course is also taken by those for whom a knowledge and understanding of journalism is a great advantage - PR, politics, and advertising are only some of the professions to send representatives on our courses.

In almost any job being able to write succinctly, accurately and quickly is a great advantage.

If you require any further information, please email us with your personal details and questions.
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Three, six and nine month courses are held throughout the year. Courses consist of lectures and personal tuition, with constant written practical work and the creation of a personal portfolio. Your written assignments will include:

Feature articles (500/700 words) may involve research in a library, from your own books, or from field work. Constant analysis of newspapers and magazines is essential for improvement of feature writing, and therefore you will be required to devote time to regular background reading.

News reports (150/250 words) will include those based on both Magistrates Courts and local government proceedings, as well as other reports based on local or national news, and current sporting events.

Reviews (200/300 words) based on visits to art galleries, museums, exhibitions, plays, concerts and film screenings.

You will learn media law, understand how central and local government function and have the opportunity to mix with and talk to a wide number of working journalists from many different areas of the profession. Radio news and digital sound editing, TV spots to camera and all aspects of freelance journalism are covered in detail.

A shorthand course is available as an optional module.

Successful students receive the school's diploma on completion.



Three month full-time (daytime)
Six month part-time (daytime)
Nine month part-time (evenings)


Three month full-time (daytime)


Three month full-time (daytime)
Six month part-time (daytime)
Nine month part-time (evenings)



Students attend courses at our premises in Maida Vale. 15 minutes' walk (or two tube stops) from Paddington Station, which is at the heart of London's public transport system.

The canals of Little Venice are a few minutes' walk from the School, as are the cafes, bars and restaurants for which Little Venice is well-known.

The School buildings, situated in a private courtyard, were originally a pair of Victorian mews houses. Later they became a coal merchants and a dairy yard.

Group lecture rooms seat between 20 and 30 in comfort, and tutorial rooms, large enough for 8 students, are used for small group sessions.

The courtyard provides 'cafe' style space for coffee and conversation - and the occasional tutorial when the weather is suitable! Coffee and cold drinks are available at all times.


  The London School of Journalism has been teaching news journalism and freelance journalism for three generations,and leads the way in the development of teaching methods which produce successful results for our postgraduate students.

You can read about some of the things our graduates have done here.

Our students are well-known for the knowledge they bring to the profession. They find jobs in every kind of newspaper and magazine imaginable, in hundreds of countries, all over the world.

You can see some information on where our students have found employment here.

All of these companies have recently employed our students:
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...I received an e-mail from a publisher who is going to publish one of my stories. I must say that it was quite a strange feeling. I still can't really even believe it now.
Rikki P..

...please pass my best wishes to her and let her know that she has been an inspiration to me. ...
Lou M..

...I would like you to know that you have played a phenomenally helpful role in my quest to become a (better) writer..
Janet K..

I am thrilled, and would like to thank you for all of your encouragement and advice, which has been invaluable in getting me this far...
Jane P..